See for my new Windows 8 training content

Check out my free training video Video:Layout Grid to see how to build a great layout for your Windows 8 app. The use of the grid in Windows 8 apps goes back to it’s inspiration from Swiss graphic design, but it also helps the designer communicate information clearly. Learn how to use the grid to […]

Video: Design Fundamentals for Windows 8 app development

I am excited to be working on a video series that covers information about design geared specifically for UX designers and developers who are creating Windows 8 apps. This video series includes information about basic design, layout, grids, typography and more. Look for the entire series to be released soon. For now, you can see […]

Condensed Windows 8 UX session will lead to others

Last night I presented a condensed UX session covering 10 steps to design a better Windows 8 app. I had to cram in a great amount of information, but don’t worry if you did not get it all. The Windows 8 Meetup group is having me back in February to provide UX tips and tricks […]

Free session: Design for Windows 8

Hello all! I will be speaking at the Boston Windows 8 Meetup group next week on the topic  “Designing successful User Experiences for Windows 8 apps.” Come find out what makes a great Windows 8 app, and how you can start or improve your own. See for more information.

Last stop for Windows 8 UX Design training…Cochin India

My last session in India was a little bit smaller, but we still had a great crowd. The Cochin folks were a little more reserved and saved most of their questions for breaks and during labs. As usual, I was impressed with the depth of the questions and the teamwork used in this session to […]

India…they get it here!

I just finished my first session for UX design for Windows 8 in Bangalore. Participation in the labs was almost 100% with people creating apps from scratch, or refocusing on apps that they already started. It was clear, by the end of our session, that the designers and developers in Bangalore really get Windows 8 […]