Jennifer Smith

Boston UX designer & UX consultant

UXQB Certified Professional

I’m Jennifer Smith, a UX designer in Boston. I also work as a UX consultant in Boston and globally, and teach UX workshops. I’ve also written more than one dozen books on design tools, digital imaging and Web publishing, including the recently published Photoshop CC Digital Classroom, Illustrator CC Digital Classroom and the Adobe Creative Cloud for Dummies.

Quickly fill in transparent spaces in your Illustrator artwork

Here is a little tip that can save lots of time if you need to fill transparency in Illustrator artwork. Filling in transparent overlapping shapes can be done quickly by following these steps. Select the artwork. Select the ShapeBuilder tool. Click in the transparent area. It will fill with black. Switch to the Direct Selection […]

UX Courses in Boston for 2015

American Graphics Institute has just published the 2015 schedule for their UX Training programs, including UX classes in Boston. The schedule includes dates for the Introduction to UX Design Principles course that I teach, along with dates for additional user experience courses such as the wireframing and prototyping classes. The user experience courses are held […]

Adobe Creative Cloud Seminars in Boston

Later this month and into February General Assembly and American Graphics Institute are teaming up to present a series of three Adobe Creative Cloud seminars in Boston. These are one-day workshops are covering the most popular Adobe applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. These are designed for users with no formal training or who are […]

What is UX Design?

UX Design encompasses the design of all aspects of a service that impact a user of a product, system, or device. Within the realm of technology, such as apps, websites, and devices. In this context, UX Design involves all aspects of how an individual interacts with these services. The interface, graphics, design, physical interaction, and […]

Rapid Prototyping for UX Design

Rapid prototyping is an important UX principle that I share in the UX courses I teach. It’s such an important topic, that I’m now teaching a dedicated rapid prototyping course. Too many people get far too invested in designing their final apps or websites before they have created a rough, sketched version of the user […]